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Shh Kian, shhhh

I know, I know...enough about Yearly Kos, but Im watching a speech by Chris Mooney *swoon*...he's a really great speaker, (and he's so cute!!) He talked about a book, the originially cover page on Amazon said:
"liberals have hijacked science long enough - now its our turn."
It apparently does hijack science as it denies global warming, the AIDs epidemic, questions the theory of relativity. Weeeeeeeird and made me laugh my fucking ass off. I wish mooney would shut the fuck up, I have to pee so bad but cant take me eyes off of the video...."so how are you typing this?" ....I can multi task. He is also helping me to...distrust everyone in the world even more. Next question....is Mooney married???? :D j/k..........? PZ's speech was great. (Someone has to be doing transcripts of these right? I can't find them, but...there has to be something, somewhere. Markos posted a copy of his speech, but that's all I can find.)
|| Kian, 9:15:00 AM