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So easily crushed!

I really like smart cars. I think they are totally adorable, and that the idea behind them is just great. I love environmetally friendly things! :) But my concern with the smart car was driving on the highway with them, and getting them up to highspeeds and being around big trucks. Imagine what a HUGE ass truck would do to a teeny tiny smart car out on the highway....... Today after work, I got to talk to a guy who was driving one, and he even let me drive it around the block!! Talk about trust! Oye! He said that he has taken it on the highway a few times, and that he can get it up to regular car speeds, but just stays in the right hand lane the entire time. The only problem he had was when it was really windy, I guess the car got a bit harder to control at that time, but nothing that he couldn't handle, just it needed some more attention oh his part. He said it's worth the money you save, and the peice of mind you have because you're not in a hummer or an suv or something of that nature. I will be getting one, or a hybrid, when it comes around to me having to have a car, but however... I don't see myself needing a car at all within the next ...30 years of my life. ...Or ever. *thinks* This is assuming I'll be in the city, as planned. Anywho, cute car! Very fun to drive! I like them.
|| Kian, 12:09:00 AM