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So its been a while...

Since I've done a music post. ...Perhaps I'll do a massive one later on when...I'm not as lazy as I am right this very moment in time. Instead, I will entertain ya'll with a general top 10 list...In 3 seconds I will decide if its my top 10 right now, or top 10 of all time. ... ... ... I have decided on all time, and I've also decided that they are not in any particual order, because really, I just can't decide which order the top 10 all time favorite songs would go in...
  1. Fat Bottom Girls - Queen
  2. Fast Car - India Ari
  3. New Slang - The Shins
  4. Your Ex-Lover is Dead - Stars
  5. Intergallactic - Beastie Boys
  6. Shampoo Suicide - Broken Social Scene
  7. Banditos - The Refreshments
  8. One - Jarvis Church ft. K'Naan
  9. Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd
  10. We Will Become Silhouettes - The Postal Service
And now, because it is only 2 am, and I'm relatively bored/not tired, I'll do my top 10 as of today...Please note, this top 10 changes...pretty much daily.
  1. Galang - MIA
  2. Deceptacon - Le Tigre
  3. One Great City - The Weakerthans
  4. Telescope Eyes - Eisley
  5. Crazy - Gnarles Barkley
  6. Disconnect the Dots - Of Montreal
  7. Build God Then We'll Talk - Panic! At the Disco
  8. Kashmir - Led Zepplin
  9. Both Hands - Ani Difranco
  10. Psycho Killer - The Talking Heads
I did a neat survey thing a while back, that had top 10 somethings, then top 9 somethings, and kept declining. I'm going to go find that and post it because I'm SUPER bored. And that's what I do. I post things when I'm bored.
|| Kian, 10:57:00 PM