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Stuff swap

At the University our house, the Eco House, would hold an event called 'Stuff Swaps'. We would set up about 6 tables in the student centre in a square shape against a wall, and would lay out some items on the table. These items could be clothing, dishes, books, cds, whatevers that we didnt want anymore, we did this at the beginning of the year, right after winter holiday and right before the end of the year. People from all over campus would come and dump all of their stuff too, and take whatever they wanted. K-Rule got some pretty kick ass pants from it one time with stars on the bum. Anyway, it was a really cool event, and it was HUGE. We would get so much stuff, and so many people. Whatever we had left at the end of the 1 or 2 weeks we would bring down to the local shelter that did a sort of Salvation Army thing, only not run by the church, but totally secular based. Far superior than just throwing things out or collecting junk. (In our dorm rooms...you couldn't collect junk...there was just no room.) Well, via Treehugger, I found The Freecycle Network, which appears to be basically the same thing, only on a much larger scale. It's really cool, cooler than doing my religion readings and essay!
|| Kian, 8:42:00 PM