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Tastes like poison

Canada is all full of posion! It's amazing that these chemcials have been banned for over 30 years yet, we're still seeing remains of them in people's blood. A guy on the news said that some of these toxins are from things like our keyboards, blackberries, cellphones, etc. Which really...doesn't suprise me I guess. Well, I need to look into it more really. ...I want to know how much 'poison' can actually make it to the blood stream through a keyboard. Also, in NewBrunswick an old base in Gagetown had 20% of its lot tested, and there are 9 areas affected by Agent Orange. 1 sample was actually 90xs above acceptable levels. What the fuck is that doing to the environment of the area? and the wildlife? If these chemicals made workers sick, and only 20% of it has been tested, i can only imagine how bad the rest of the lot is...and what its doing to the nature around it.
|| Kian, 9:11:00 PM