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Welp here goes!

So, I got my shift changed at work from today at 12 - 4, to tomorrow 4-9... Merci Pierre!So I can atch all the Yearly Kos stuff today! Except that the stupid stream keeps buffering, and that's horribly annoying. I am however being entertained my a pretty horrible version of Come on Eileen. Today Im looking forward to a speech by Howard Dean, and a panel with Markos on it, and a panel on net neutrality...which I suspect will be really interesting, or at least I hope so! I was dissapointed with the environmental panel yesterday, it was a snorefest and all I kept thinkig was "i've heard all this before..." Us environmentalists really need to ...get more exciting. Anyway, Im assuming I'll update on some yearly kos stuff later on. peeeace. *edit - unless i fall asleep...which right now, looks like a possibility....:S
|| Kian, 8:00:00 AM