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Alright - watching some of these speakers on Yearly Kos...its a good thing a lot of them keep to blogging. *snicker* Tom Tomorrow has the most monotone voices ever...except when he is doing his comics, but he...was pretty darned halarious.."this is what we're against most of the time...people who just make shit up." and, I must say....his comics are damned halarious. Marrrrkos *the* man, is probably the cutest thing on the entire planet...but that is way besides the point. He did a fab intro about the blogsphere, containing so much people power with the force of passionate opinions on our blogs against the pathetic liberals on tv, and the idiot republics we're always hearing spew. Us, the politically naive extremist... knowing what its like to live in today's America instead of just letting that opinion fall to the public and media elites that failed us all. ..Now, I dont know what its like to live in America - but in my case, its knowing what its like to live in a world...horribly overrun by America. And man, I've just gotta point out - fucking dj 3rd eye??? GAH! Had I have known - I'd have fucking gone. Im a little be less jealous of the punk now. ...Im seeing everything I want to see...Tomorrow once I hear PZ, i'll be aces. But its really entertaining, obviously really intelligent, and ...yeah, just really cool to watch and schtuff.
|| Kian, 8:11:00 PM