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Who do I love???

Rachel Maddow!! You all know that by now! So I heard about this girls speech, and thought "wtf...all she probably did was like thank God, and they cut her off?" not quite, apparently. This link explains the story a bit and on the left hand side has a couple videos about it. ...I'd cut off her speech just because her voice is so annoying. I think that separation of church and state is more important than the freedom of speech issue. Had the attendence not been manditory and sponsored by the school the situation may be a bit different, but... really, she was warned it would happen. Lil' brit plays up the freedom of speech thing, but really...SHE WAS LIKE PREACHING! If I got up there and started going off about how Satan had helped me through school, and helped me find myself...and etc... they'd cut me off. Fox takes her side, suprised?? noooo not at all, but that's besides the point. it sounds like her speech was almost as bad as a ron luce youth rally. I cant seem to find any full length videos of her speech, but the link I provided shows the important parts of it. That interview wtih Fox News makes me want to punch a lot of people. BUT here we go, the love of my life talking about it with the man who needs to be skined alive! (Just kidding, im starting to like tucker, not his opinion, or personality, or clothing...just..him.)
|| Kian, 9:36:00 PM