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Who knows her name???

While watching the Net Neutrality panel, I really think its time to repost that link to Save The Internet... Sign the petition, contact people...spread the news. The last thing we need is a central controler to the real news that we can get our hands out. The panel is doing a fine job of getting the information out efficently and effectively ... giving good examples of what is going to happen - like "major companies will get to choose what you see" that's scary. Like, big brother scary. However the only downside to all of this... is that the panel is preaching to a room full of other preists. Everyone in the room has signed the petition, and knows all about the coalition. The girl who talked about how neutrality fits into the larger picture, and how it will break the internet into small parts instead of having the huge network that we have...etc...was a great speaker, and had that little 'r' emphasis that I love when she spoke. (This is the name I want to know!!! *looks at the punk* you know, dont you.) (oh! on theForeign Policy panel there was a women who i *think* was Arianna Huffington. I didn't hear her name...but I'm almost positive that's who it was, and she was phenomenal...also, I think my wrist is about to break in half...) Here is PZ's YKos talk, its really great and well worth the time it takes to read it, The Punk keeps doing lots of Ykos updates that are actually pretty amusing despite my set opinion that he has a horribly low sense of humor :), Lindsay's got pictures of some of the highlight speakers and the area, Chris does a bit of an update as well...Almost every democratic blog that you go to right now, has a post updating the YKos events... Some people/places aren't doing updates, but being jerks.
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