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Yearly Kos

So there is a huge leftist blogger conference going on, called Yearly Kos. Being the student that I am, I could't afford to fly to Las Vegas, and stay in a freaking hotel for 4 nights or whatever it is, and I couldn't afford that ticket, so I just paid for the $10 streaming thing. ...I did it kind of late tonight, and only ended up watching about and hour or so of the Majority Report being streamed. It was good stuff. I didnt make any notes or anything...but it was cool. The most hilarious stuff happens when they're on commercials or whatever. The guys are funny. Tomorrow I have to work from 4 - 9, so I'm missing like 3 streams that I wanted to see and Saturday I'm working 12 - 4 so again I'll be missing a few that I want to see....and by that, I mean I'll only get to see 2 of them. I didn't really think this over very well before dishing out the $10 that I could have used to pay off bills, or ...well, eat. But tomorrow I can watch like 5 that I want to see, and one of them, Im thinking will be worth the $10 all on its own. ...So we'll see. The bad news is, now that I've signed up for Air America Radio everyone knows Im going to sign up for the monthly fee to watch Rachel Maddow's show. D'oh-ith. Oh well, she's worth every penny! Oooooh! And HUGE thank you to my Brother Andy for helping me with the stream...:D
|| Kian, 7:11:00 PM