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Abortions saved my life...

Yes, I'm pro-abortions. I think every woman should be able to decide what to do with her own body and that includes whether or not she wants to carry around a baby for 9 months then give it away, or dedicate her entire life to raising. Its a huge commitment, its a huge deal, and women need the right to choose if they're up for it, or not. But, that's what what this post from Jessica's feministing is about. Should it be illegal for a pregnant woman to smoke and drink? I was walking downtown yesterday and walked past a pregnant women who was indeed smoking. So being as curious and stupid as I am, I stopped and said to her "Why are you smoking with that baby so far along the way?" and she said "I just never could stop..." I made one of those half-smiles of discontent and continued on my way. So should it be illegal...well, no. (Should smoking in general be illegal? I think so...but whatever.) There is a fine line between protecting human rights, and stepping on them. There is the option of offering support groups and help to women who are pregnant and find themselves with an addiction. However, that being said, even when things like that are available, the right people don't always have access to them. ...Imagine you're on the street and you're smoking...and you're not pregnant. Imagine how halariously embarassing it would be for someone to come up and tell you what you were doing was illegal. Ha ha. Lastly I want to address one thing that she says:
Yeah, that’s likely. And now with this pre-pregnant nonsense, how long will it be until women who aren’t pregnant are charged with not taking care of themselves?
When I read the pre-preggo deal back in May, I was floored. All I am is an incubator? A baby maker? I don't even plan on actually birthing a child... does that make me nothing?!? It's ridiculous the extent some people will go to, to make sure women are still held back, and that there is still a black cloud looming. For people who tell me to shut up about feminism, that it's dead because there is already equality...I say fuck you. Take a look at employment number, sexual assaults, how some men talk to/treat women, stupid religions that people still actually live by... saying that women are nothing. In the movie my brother linked to a while back in a religion post I made Dawkins goes to speak to a muslim man who talks about the west "letting your women dress like whores"... I agree, most of the girls I see strutting around do look rather whore-ish, but the men of this country are not 'letting' us. We have the right to dress how we want... and it is a common right among all the people, not just our men 'letting us' dress like this. We need to lead a naked march through a muslim country, all us women.
|| Kian, 9:29:00 AM