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All better!

Big thanks to Webs for pointing me to a website that could confirm some of my issues. Now I have a template with no errors in it, and should work out better for me, and therefore not make it a chore to post things anymore (hence the recent lack...). Anyway, I have nothing to post about today. haha...yeah. Im packing to move. And by packing I mean throwing out basically everything I own ...minus books, clothes, mascara and a few cds. Everything else is getting recycled and/or trashed. Its actually a really nice feeling to just throw everything out. Kind of like im just erasing everything thats happened in the recent past...because none of it was particularly spectacular. My new life out west will be complete when I get a puppy (a jack russell terrier to be exact) and find a boy that doesn't...think of me and my feelings as a joke. LIke the past 3 boys in my life. (Its times like this when I really regret breaking up with the really really good boyfriends of the past... of which, theres about one, and he's got a new girlfriend. grr...OKAY enough of the personal life rambling...) Ill be back up and running tomorrow.
|| Kian, 1:33:00 PM