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Darksyde at Kos did an interview with Brent from UTI, who I already loved reading, but his interview pretty much had me gasping, well at least one part of it:
[Link]Much later I realized that being an atheist is the best way to approach this life. It's like un-wrapping the cotton swaddling from your skull and seeing the bright, beautiful world as it truly is. Our planet, each other, our lives, our universe, they are all so incredibly and wonderfully exciting - all on their own! Why gild the lilly, you know? Isn't it enough to see the mind-blowingly beautiful fog of stars on a clear night - and knowing that our tiny little envelope of air and dirt is embedded in this small part of one of the spiral arms of our galaxy - without attributing it to Jojo The Great God Of The Congo's B.O. or something? I mean, why diminish it like that? I'd rather understand it the way it really is - and not the way that I wish for it to be.
Its one of those things I wish I could remember word for word just for the next time I start thinking "Why?" and all those stupid things that sometimes reenter my head because of my upbringing. Not to mention it's a damn good response to people who say that the world is so beautiful that there must have been something *more* beautiful that created it...
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