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Corn, not so awesome.

I got excited a while ago when I heard about corn being a possible new fuel that would be stellar for the environment. But a new study shows that it really won't be that great.

When all these costs are factored in, corn-based ethanol does indeed reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but only by about 12% compared to gasoline, they found.

In contrast, biodiesel reduces emissions by 41% over diesel fuel, largely because it does not need distillation to be processed into fuel. Also, far fewer fertilisers and pesticides are used in growing soybeans, giving biodiesel a further edge in reducing environmental impact.

So, soybeans instead of corn? ...I won't get too excited. Im starting to see the stupidness that the alternative fuel industry is turning into.

Even if the US devoted all its corn to ethanol and all its soybeans to biodiesel production – which would cause widespread food shortages – the resulting biofuels would cover less than 5% of US gasoline and diesel fuel needs, they calculate.
Ah, right...not getting excited as not to be let down. Then there is the problem that corn and soy beans are some of the biggest crops used in the world to feed people. world wide.

"Those two sources are always going to be minor supplies of those fuels," says Tilman. "Turning what is already a globally limited quantity of food into energy is not a very good option in the long term."

The world doesn't make sense to me. We live in a developed world, where we think of food as so little as to burn it to drive our stupid cars around. I really need to be made Queen of the World so I can start making big cars, and unneeded cars illegal. And so I can destroy consumerism. All in favor? Bwa ha. Just wait. It'll happen.
|| Kian, 1:49:00 PM