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I love housewives! I love tarot cards!

I just found one of the strangest sites, called Housewives Tarot. Two of my least favorite things in the world, to be completely honest. But, I did it anyway. Here were my resaults: past - Long have you faced an overwhelming challenge. present - A time of travel will allow for personal growth. future - So do not let a great loss spoil your outlook. Of course my overwhelming challenge card was a dipiction of toothbrushes scrubbing a toilet. *That* is one hell of a challenge and probably the hardest one I'll face in my entire life. In the present Im apparently going to fly to BC on a broom stick. Yes, the lovely housewife was riding a broom stick, with both legs on one side...of course. And finally, the great loss that I'll be having in the future was a picture of spoiled mayo and moldy cheese. ...Well shit. I just won't buy any mayo or cheese for the rest of my life. Problem solved.
|| Kian, 11:14:00 AM