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I wanna drive it...

I love Eco Geek...my two favorite things SLAMMED together like the mighty force of gravity slams hamster cages to the ground (yes, I'm still stuck on that, and a bit upset). Anyway, the Pivo looks fucking stellar, no?
The advantage of this is that the, yeah, cockpit can swivel, eliminating the need for the driver to ever actually turn the car around. No more 3 point turns and, yes, you could conceivably spin the cockpit 180 degrees while travelling at the Pivo's maximum speed of 60 mph. As a zero-emission concept car for city driving, the Pivo is very weird but pretty cool.
60 Mph, thats just deadly... cause some real danger wtih that sort of speed. Its too bad that hybrid cars and such can't stop focusing on the stupid design and start pumping out useful and affordable, instead of futuristic, expensive and ...basically pointless... cars. but it is really cool. Click the link and watch the google video on it. Its interesting.
|| Kian, 12:18:00 AM