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I was beat to it

This weeks random monday morning music was going to be about sufjan stevens, but while perusing the blogs this evening I saw that Lindsay aka Majikthise actually just posted a post about him. Although I would have posted more of his stuff, since Chicago and John Wayne Gacy are, imo, better songs...but oh well. Casmir was the very first song by him that I heard, and thats how I fell in love with him. My friend Allen sent me the song, and then my ex-roomie the Lenster lent me a couple of his CDs, which I also fell in love with and was very reluctant to give back to her. I was actually pretty shocked to see the post. Not a lot of people listen to him, or to the music I listen to...however, its turning out that Lindsay and I have very similar musical tastes... Anyway, check that out, Sufjan Stevens has a voice to end all voices, and his songs are original and beautiful... Also, you should check out a biography on him. He's got a really interesting story to tell.
|| Kian, 1:31:00 AM