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I wish I was hardcore

This is brilliant and so much more hardcore than I'll ever be! Her little brown dress project has just ended and now she is starting a project where for a year she will only wear things that she has made. The little brown dress project simply was to wear the same...little brown dress... for 365 days. When she launched it, this was her statement

I am making one small, personal attempt to confront consumerism by refusing to change my dress for 365 days.

In this performance, I intend to reject our sweat-shop-supporting economy of over-consumption, and the bill of goods that has been sold, especially to women, about what makes a person good, attractive and interesting. Clothes are certainly part of this image, and the expectation is immense. The economic resources required to regularly purchase newly-manufactured clothing in retail stores are staggering – a hundred dollars for one new shirt?

As a brand new working mom with a new family budget, these economies are coming sharply into focus for me. Even my beloved second-hand shopping requires time, effort, and energy that saps my attention from the more vital parts of my life – being with my family, making artwork, tending the garden, growing my community, keeping a watchful eye on the government, reading new books, learning new skills, singing new songs . . . I intend to make good use of my energy saved!

Influences - The project is influenced in part by the art/anti-fashion movement “Grey Sweatsuit Revolution”, in which participants attend a social event or public gathering wearing un-flattering sweatsuits as a statement against fashion trends and dictums. It is also inspired by my view of our brothers and sisters who are citizens of the third-world, many of whom literally do not have a change of clothes. Historically, I am bolstered and supported by the generations of human beings living in every part of the world before the industrial revolution, who wore day after day, year after year, only what they or their family members could weave, sew, or knit by hand.

Just the other day I was complaining that Fashion posts were taking over things like I like, blogs, magazines...etc. (I was a bit shocked when on the latest issue of Wired there was a subtitle that said "Dos and Don'ts of Geek Fashion"...geek what now?) But what an awesome way to step out of the fashion industry that is so often layed on so very thick. I'm not a horribly fashionable person - but I will say I am somewhat of a consumer whore. I shop more than I need to, and I have enough clothes for at least 3 other people...and I only wear 1/8 of it regularly. (Yes, therefore I should get rid of the other 7/8...I'm aware, and I will... when I move across the country I'll be packing rather light.)
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