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Im a sick puppy

(For anyone who doesn't know, "I'm a sick puppy" doesn't mean I'm gross, it means I'm sick, with the flu. When my brother Andy was about 5, he asked mom if he could watch a movie, and when she said no, he said very sad and seriously "why? am I a bad puppy?" ...so ever since watching that home video, i refer to myself as a _____ puppy because its so cute.) Yes, I'm sick. Hence the lack of updates. At first i thought I had food poisoning from my friend Christian's meatloaf that he made as a hangover cure (what?!) but I'm still sick and it's like all over my body. So I'm guessing its the flu, I can't really keep a whole lot down, and I can't stay awake for very long. Mix that in with having to write an essay for religion that a) my mom wouldn't write because she was packing b) the boyfriend couldnt write because he didnt know the topic (its on Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and he pronounded Qur'an as 'kay-ron' and said that jews and christians use the same book...so i didnt let him write the essay) and c) the punk refused to write because he hates me.... Sooo I had to write it myself. It only took about an hour and a half, but it turned out pretty shitty. So I sent it to the punk to fix...he said he'd do that for me at least while i lay in bed and die because i can't move. yay for laptops. i wrote my essay lying down with my eyes closed for most of it...lol. Yeah. Siiick puuuppy. So you didnt get the biodiversity post i promised, and im working all weekend, so maybe next week if i get my act together. we'll see. I'm toying with the idea of calling into work Saturday and telling them I ...broke my leg or something (something more believe able, and fakeable the next time i go in, perhaps?) but we'll see how that plays out.
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