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"In a world where it's okay to hate a complete stranger"

I had to work tonight until 10 pm. Tonight there was also a religion lecture/rally/gathering at a theatre at 7 pm. I was a little bummed that I was going to miss it because I wanted to go... just to see what was happening and what was going to be said. I was thrilled when I was told that I got to depart early because it started to storm out and well... you don't require 4 people scooping ice cream during a thunderstorm. I ran to the bus stop, and got to the theatre within 10 minutes of the event starting. I walked in hearing the words "and here we are, in a world where it's okay to hate a complete stranger! Where is all the love?" ...I thought that was alright, and that I might end up not hating the entire thing after all. The preacher then started to talk about living in god’s world, and living in a warm community. Then back onto living in a not so tolerant world - we were told that the 'impurities' of the world need to be eradicated in order to fully love and understand everyone. ...This incorporated trying to help those that were gay, and attempting to show everyone on earth who the one true god is, and stopping abortions. ...hypocritesaywhat? This was followed by some statistics; all were American, but whatever... Canada is America Jr. There were stats on abortions, drug use, homosexuals, STDs, drop outs, atheists and so on... We were then given instructions on how to 'change' these people, and how to spread the word of god. Before the whole thing ended, he told us to go home and be alone with god. Saying that we all need to learn how to convert our loneliness into solitude with god. Once we realize (he didn't pronounce the 'a' in realize, btw) that god is with us forever we'll all be better off. "All you girls out there, stop looking for a man! You have *the* man for eternity!" ...Yeah, but will *the* man be willing to learn how to give 5 orgasms in a row? I think not. Instead of going to the bar for a "fake happy hour" that night, we were told to go have a "never ending hour" with "our Lord and Saviour, the father of all things, the good in everything and the one who will save us all. And it's not hard. All he wants from you, is yourself." ... That made me feel a bit insignificant…

I went to speak with the preacher afterwards, but before he would speak to me and answer my question he asked me “may we say a prayer together first?” and I said “no…” and he said “Well I’m sorry, we need to pray before we talk my child.” …”I’m not your child, and I’m not really down with praying.”…”I hope you have a good night young Miss.” …It was a swell way of filtering out the questions he didn’t want to hear before even hearing them.

So it didn’t go so well, and it was very typical, and I guess it’s what I expected. I actually thought there would be more singing, but there were only 3 songs. They were horrible. But, only 3. Speaking of horrible – check this out. Not only is it a horrible waste of time and money and resources, I can only imagine what that paint and such is doing to the soils. I know there is nothing around to really poison or anything – but still… I’m an environmentalist, and I hate seeing a mountain freaking painted.

|| Kian, 6:31:00 PM