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Is this the norm now?

A friend says to me tonight "I'm 20, and I lived in a fucked up world" after telling me about the Mumbai Bombing. over 400 wounded, that is...a phenomenally high number. Im really curious to see how much press this gets and if its made a big deal... because, well...more than 400 so far have been found wounded!! This can't be normal. This can't be the world that we live in. It's sad, and it's heartbreaking. What I really hate, is that I wasn't shocked. I felt like it had happened last week and that someone was just telling me again. ...And I hate that. So much. *tear* update: after a quick google search this morning (8:22 am, no...I never really sleep...) the headlines mostly deal with the effects the bombings are having on stocks....:|
|| Kian, 10:56:00 PM