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I've always been a fan of code pink...

but this...is rediculous. This is probably the worst way I've ever seen to protest. I think its said best by Orac.
A "rolling fast"? What the hell is that? So each star will fast--be still my beating heart--ONE WHOLE DAY? Geez, Lindsay Lohan probably goes longer without food than that when getting ready for a role. Heck, I've gone longer than 24 hours without food on several occasions during my residency. (OK, it wasn't willingly or planned, but it certainly didn't do me much harm.) And who wants to bet that a few stars who could use to miss a meal or two won't be participating?
Its just so funny, because its just so true. Stupid, stupid people, this isn't going to do dick all. Get your heads out of your asses. ...Now, don't getme wrong. I think CodePink is phenomenal and I sport my "Free Diane Wilson" t-shirt with pride. But... this protest is stupid. 'Nuff said.
|| Kian, 1:08:00 AM