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Keep your hate to yourself, please.

I would just like to concentrate on a comment that was made in “In a world where it’s okay to hate a complete stranger”…comment thread.

I don’t hate a lot of things. I disagree with a lot of values, and I disagree with a lot of beliefs of various people. Most people who know me, know I disagree with the way organized religion is practiced and pushed onto others, and that I strongly oppose a lot of governments around the world – not just America. I don’t believe in a god, I don’t think our education systems are suitable for today’s young adults, I think prostitution should be legal, along with all types of sexual activity between consulting adults. I trust science and logic, and rely on my intelligence and ambition to get me a head in life. That’s me. These things I do have no negative impact on other people. The one thing I do that impacts others is advocate strongly for the environment and insist on life style changes world wide. But I don’t hate those that believe in god, and I don’t hate people who disagree with my lifestyle. I don’t hate people who find it necessary drive SUVs, I just feel like they need to be educated.

I think hate is a horrible thing to have imbedded into a person and into a mind. Hate is a strong emotion, and holds a lot of power. Having said all of this, I hope you’ll all fully understand the sincerity of what I’m about to say. I hate people’s hate. I hate bigots, elitists and people who need to discriminate against others as to feel better about themselves.

“You’re just mad because you’re a dyke and want out acceptance so badly.”

(I think that’s supposed to say ‘our’…)

First of all…I’m not a dyke. I’m not saying that defensively, I’m saying it as a statement of fact. Next, the last thing I want for myself is the acceptance of someone who thinks they are superior to me based on who they’re attracted to in their private life.

“You hate that you can't fit in with the majority of the Americans. So you're jealous that you can't find a way to be normal and love God.”

A group I am not overtly concerned with being accepted in, is a group that promotes hate, war, environmental destruction and all those less than lovely things. If normal means being a hypocritical extremist bent on controlling the lives of others, and destroying those who don’t adhere to their standards – then I want nothing more than to be abnormal.

I welcome comments of disagreement to my posts, I welcome comments of agreement or just an opinionon whatever. What I don't welcome is disgusting displays of intolerance to people and abohrrence to those that one may disagree with.

|| Kian, 8:12:00 PM