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Kian is a boys name?

When I came up with the name Kian, I had a crush on a boy named "Ean" ...so it was going to be Kean...(just taking his name and throughing the first letter of my own real name to make it more me) but that looked like it should be said "keen" like commander keen, which is super cool, but I didn't like it for moi. So I changed the 'e' to an 'i' and got Kian. ...I pronounce it kee-ann, although I think most pronounce it k-eye-ann...but whatever. Turns out Kian is actually a boys name... and here I was thinking I had made it up and that I was all clever and original. Thats what I get for taking a boys name to make a screen name. Well, I'll take a more or less fake position on this. For those of you who have noticed that a) i have a male screen name and b) i am a girl ...SHUT UP. Who says I can't have a boys name??? Don't push me or I'll be changing my legal name to Billy! or Chad! Im breaking a gender role that has been forced on me! So suck it. ...Convincing?... or can you just tell I had no idea...:S hehe
|| Kian, 12:08:00 AM