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The long ignored monday morning music.

although, im still not going to do a decent post...I thought I should post something for MMM, since I was so consistent wtih it for like a month... then just stopped because I have like spurts of lazy. So tonight, ...all I'm going to say is that I've finally filled my IPod with music. Granted, it's only a Nano, but it took me a very long time to decide which songs were totally worthy of getting added. Added to the play list tonight was controller.controller, sufjan steves, pretty girls make graves, le tigre, death from above and the weakerthans. So...we'll see next time I'm out and about if my play list finally works for me. So I think I'll do my top 10 IPod songs...the songs I listen to, without a doubt, the most on my IPod while I'm walking around or riding the bus or whatever.
  1. K'Naan - If Rap Gets Jealous ...(Like 4 times a day this one plays.)
  2. Mobile - Out of My Head (So many times I've said "I wish their voices weren't in it...")
  3. Le Tigre - Bang Bang
  4. Panic! At the Disco - But it's Better if You Do
  5. Michael Jackson - Thriller... (But I try to look/walk tough to even it out.)
  6. MIA - Galang
  7. Death from Above - Blood On Our Hands
  8. Of Montreal - Disconnect the Dots
  9. Rage Against the Machine - Killing In The Name Of
  10. Everlong - Foo Fighters
On my IPod, Le Tigre, Panic! At the Disco and K'Naan are the artists with the most songs... (Queen is 4th... and I actually should have put Fat Bottom Girls somewhere on that top 10...but, oh well, honorable mention I guess.) Anyway, that is all for tonight. Im a sleepy puppy.
|| Kian, 11:35:00 PM