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Pfft, get real and get bent

Today at work I was wearing a shirt that says "This is what a feminist looks like". I usually wear an apron around the place as not to be covered in crap by the end of my shift. However, tonight I was supervising so I was running around, signing papers, calling people and dealing with angry customers (who really don't understand the words "No, we don't have any, but we will by Tuesday." "what do you mean you dont have any!?! I've been coming in all week! When will you have some? how can you not have any???" "Sorry, we don't have any, but we will by Tuesday.." annnnnd so on.) So a guy comes in, and reads my shirt and kind of laughs... when I ask him what's so funny, I immediately regret it... as he starts telling me that "youth these days don't understand the importance of keeping life how it should be and that these new rock and roll values and isms will ruin the world"...uh huh. ...'k. When I got home I was ticked and started reading antifeminsts pages and such...and came across an article full of complete hogwash. (Hogwash?...heh...the old man rubbed off on me?) What a stupid *stupid* thing to believe that the work force and money come before friends, family and love. If I end up marrying a man who can't handle the fact that I may make more money than him then I don't want to be with him anyway.

STATISTICS bear this out: the number of women entering the workplace has increased by a third since 1975, and in 2005 one third of all managers in business were women.

At the same time, 40 per cent of all marriages end in divorce. Clearly, it's difficult to deny the two sets of figures are in some way connected.

Oh no! Women are starting to think and not just marry and have children and remain in unhappy abusive relationships! Whatever are we supposed to do??? Honestly, my boyfriend is a total lame ass... sure he works and such, but if we were to get married (AH! no.) and have children (AH! no.) then he wouldn't mind staying home with them if I wanted to work. Why? Because relationships are about completeing the other person. He would be filling in the areas that I wouldn't be able to do... What I don't understand about this article, is that for some reason we're supposed to just accept that its more of a problem for men to want to stay at home, but women should what, just be used to it? Uh, huh. It just makes me bitter that its some sort of a problem to be a career driven and dominant female, but thats how men have been for years and the ladies have always put up with it. Along these same lines just a small story - my aunt today found out that she is getting paid $4000 less than the 2 other males in her same position... *sigh* (This combined with period cramps make me want to hit every male I see.)
|| Kian, 10:13:00 PM