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Shall we assimilate then?

Last month Toronto was under the threat of 17 domestic terrorists who were going to blow up parts of Southwestern Ontario with explosive poop. While sitting in my friends living room talking with a group of guys 20 - 26 in age about the event, the general conclusion was that terrorism is basically to be blamed on multicultural societies, and the freedom that immigrants have in our countries. They continued by saying that the terrorists hate our democratic and diverse culture and want nothing but the opposite. They want everyone to be part of *their* way of life, just like everyone wants. As when the Europeans came they wanted to assimilate the Natives, so everyone else wants the power that the 'white people' got. Yes, I'm aware I was hanging out with apparent idiots. The sad part of this is 1/2 of them were graduate students, and 1/2 of them are in political science. (I promise, when I'm doing my graduate studies in poli sci or geo, I'll think about what Im saying...) They were, floored when I, the 2nd year technically undeclared student (i just need to do the paper work...), spoke up in dissagreement. And then, even more shocked when I suggested it was religion, not mulitcultural societies. The following was why I don't usually speak up in a room full of people...first they all went horribly quiet, listening and taking in what I had to say, and after ripped me apart for not knowing what I was talking about. The example I used later on when Jordan and another one of them asked me to elaborate, because they were curious, was when I was in highschool. I went to a very multicultural highschool since it was in the GTA. Us white kids were the minority, where as East Indian were by far the majority. I was friends with people from all groups, in grades 9, 10 and 11 our race never came up. But in grade 12 all of my friends seem to become... patriotic and more importanty religious. (Before I get into this, I want to point out that the groups Im talking about...were the more or less 'cool' kids of the school. These are the hallway kids that never socialized, or the pot heads that never knew what was going on.) The Europeans started wearing shirts boasting their country, the African American kids started playing up the 'thug' roll (even our friend Andree who we always called 'the whitest black kid ever' started dressing like a rapper). The European kids became very catholic, and the black kids became really spiritual like...My middle eastern friends started saying strange things about my being white...but they never called me and my white friends "white" or "crackers" or whatever, they always called us "the christian kids". It was similar with my white friends, they started referring to anyone of middle eastern decent as muslims... Now you may say "Your generalizing is just as bad as anything..." but the real sad part about this is, I can't recall more than...20 or so people in my grade that didn't start adhearing to what I've discribed. The exception was the white kids who just got stupider and started trying to be all OC. Obviously the smaller issue here is that all the white kids weren't christians and all the mid eastern kids weren't muslim. But the bigger is that it started to become a mini war. A guy who had been my friend through most of highschool, suddenly turned on me because I didn't share his beliefs. Pre-religious enthusiasm I faught less with people in classes, and the segregation of our grade was way less. What I've just described is on a very small scale... But it can be applied to all aspects surrounding terrorism and crazy fanatics standing up for their reilgious beliefs and killing themselves for god's will, or whatever. I feel like I must refer, yet again, to the video The Root Of All Evil, as I think it touches on every point that is relevant in this. It is religion that continuously reminds us to hate, and to make sure those that we hate, know why we hate them. So to those boys in the living room - I say ...think about what you're saying. You get put into a room with 10 different people. They are all of different colors, and all of different religions, and chances are the one thing that they would all be willing to kill for thats 'in' that room with them, is their god and their religion, or their own survival... Oh my, speaking of killing for Survival, I think this is a perfect time to tell you, Battle Royale is my favorite movie in the entire world (Merci Helene.)
|| Kian, 8:24:00 PM